Errands & formula milk.

Sunday evening I cycled over to Emilia’s and witnessed her boy having his 1st bottle of formula. Yes she has breastfed exclusively for 6 months, I take my hat off to her, it is no mean feat. He has been having 14 small feeds a day recently.  She is still going to mainly breastfeed, but now there’s also food , and more opportunity for having a babysitter!

We had a nice tea and I read O a story. My lovely girl is already plotting with Ella to come over and visit me together!

This morning F and I have done loads of errands: ordered my repeat prescription, got the final 2 passport applications mostly filled in for the two boys, fetched my phone which I’d left in E’s, then we got the bus to the Credit Union, closed our five accounts there, which produced for us £21 in cash, then went to the Natwest to put £10 in F’s own new bank account.

I had a lovely chat with Linda who we have known for years, first as Jojo’s oldest friend’s nan, then for a while we were at church together a few years ago. She offered for Jojo to lodge at hers, how kind! I will make sure he goes round for tea at some point before moving over.




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