Sunday- lots of testimonies

Hi, we had a guest speaker, Ricky Brooks from Christ Central Church in Aberdeen. He spoke on the last 2 chapters of Malachi, which is in the series we are doing. It was interesting, funny and challenging as he had lots of points like definition of an idol – someone or something you have to check with before you obey God.

First there was time for testimonies, where people give a mini story of what Good God is doing in their lives. Russ had to actually stop it in the end as there was such a flow of people coming up to give the glory to God!

I saw a lady visitor who I used to be in BSF with years ago. My boys came.  And I had a little chat with Tony and Joy, who Jojo is going to lodge with when we leave the country.

My bright crochet blanket is nearly done.


I’m giving it some 3d rows for added texture.

There is a lot of laughter going on here at the moment! The wait for info has been extremely draining.



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