2 cakes before lunchtime !

Good Day! My husband and I keep waking at 4am, which is quite draining. So this morning we took his new chariot and went to the Tavern for 7am opening. We had a good breakfast and were a bit hysterical with laughter. His fab new toy, and relief over the house etc.


It’s very comfortable. We were done by 8am, obviously too early to pop to the 2nd hand shop with our bags to donate. So we went for a little drive up Crosby way, then I said I wanted to go to Hightown. He put it in the Satnav and then we ended up down a thin farmer’s lane leading only to a field where they were planting something. “Do a U-turn!” said the Satnav. Then we went to Lady Green Garden Centre at Ince Blundell. It was nice, a typical giftware n cake place. We looked at the flowers just thinking about what we’ll grown when we have finally moved. Then ended up having a coffee and cake there. We went to deliver a couple of things to Joe & Emilia, and ended up having a coffee, which E served Lee an espresso with an iced water chaser, the right type of biscuit etc, just like old times, she is like a tiny cafĂ©! Joe started serving biscuits on a proper bone china plate, it was all getting out of hand. We had Napoleon cakes which are basically a fancy European cream slice. So that was a lovely change.

Then I did little more than have a nap, do some crochet, some dutch on duolingo, and look up some worship songs in dutch. This bloke called Remco Hakkert has done an album of songs I know, but in dutch. x




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