Some crochet & blog

How long have I been blogging? I think it was quite a few months before Fred started home school, so I think it must have been around 2011 /12 ? I just tried to check by looking it up online, but I couldn’t even remember the blog name (The one before Cheerfulmum). I’m pretty sure it was on typepad. I can’t remember a time before blogging. It’s so practical for someone like me as I lose diaries and photos so easily.

Also look at these lovely colours picked out by Lucy of . She has a super way with colours! There are 3 new shades coming to stylecraft special DK. I’m torn! As I was thinking of not hoarding SSDK anymore when I move, and changing to the local brand, Scheepjes (which means ships in Dutch). Oops: Speaking of not hoarding (!) in Widnes Market I bought some more of this variegated turquoise/blue Woodlander, which is 80% acrylic and 20% wool. I am enjoying crocheting these squares together, the pattern is the centre portion of Victorian Lattice Square. I have learnt how to join squares together as I go, just using the stitches that are already there.

The squares are about 4 inches across. I am using a 4.5mm hook. I also bought this pinky greeny stuff cos it was pretty.

and also this one is pootling along. It’s way brighter than the pic suggests, and attracts derogatory comments from the kids whenever it’s seen!




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