Sunny times

Our router broke so we were wifi-less for a few days. this is considered a major crime in our house! the free replacement arrived today.

We have had some lovely weather, really super. After the encouragement of Lee’s offer with a real-life date on it, it has been good motivation for me to make lots of appointments and first steps towards getting stuff done. I have organised estate agents, plumber, dentist, vaccination (Fred, having missed it in school), passport photos for boys, tree surgeon (!), found out the outstanding on my mortgage and on the Everlasting Boiler Loan….And done Heaps and Heaps of washing. Ruby has been a bit motivated to sort her room and say goodbye to some Junk.

Fred has done lots of housework…getting paid for some of it, it is all getting marked in a big book as he is saving for a Nintendo Switch. It shall be awarded to him once we move house.

There is a 7/8-week period from end of May to mid July when Jojo will be finishing the school year, but we will presumably be in Amsterdam. He will be 15 by then.  Jojo asked if he can lodge with a certain lovely couple from church who have 2 boys, the younger is in jojo’s class. Well they said yes!


Lola and I collected the bikes from their tune-up in Woolton, We cycled the 3 miles back. Having not cycled for about 2 years we were both a bit wobbly at first! And my legs kept me up all night after but it’s worth it. Fred has been doing various errands for me on my bike. I have had it about ten years and it’s now as good as new.


also here are some churros Fred made. Yummity!



Today F and I went to open him a bank account, then popped back to Widnes Market to get a load more delicious Marlenka cakes off this mad fun one! Then I went to Emilia’s for the usual Wednesday stuff.

Literally one month on from heart transplant!! And Shaq was at his “usual” tennis lessons today. He is such a miracle! Bigger and stronger than ever. He has been away in hospital since August, a lifetime at their age. I am thrilled, Thank you for all your prayers!

It seems like ages ago now, R and I went to see Hidden Figures at the cinema. it was really good!



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