okay. this week among other things I have: been to Funtown with Angie and my twin Goddaughters who are now 3, Been to Emma’s for lunch with her baby Malachi, BSF, On Wednesday night I took Ruby and Fred to a group for teens in Garston called Bake & Board, I’ll tell you about that. It was designated Autism Friendly and set in a building called Employability Solutions. There was baking and playing a board game on offer.It was put together by a lovely lady It was a brilliant Idea. We achieved our goals for Fred: going with a positive attitude and taking part, social mixing with strangers. And for Ruby: turning up and staying the 2 hours in a room without me. (parents were in the next room)


yes, lots of choc chip shortbread and it was delicious. F made these. R did colouring.

I was in the parents room chatting with a lot of exhausted parents, . only trouble was , because this type of kid does not do very well in a large group (see “school” lol), some of them were kicking off and causing trouble or not leaving the parents room. So, though I had a real success with my 2, I was absolutely shocked and tired out by what I saw. Because we do not really move in these circles for the past 6 months. I have forgotten what it’s like. So I have no idea if we will go again!

I saw a lovely mum/crochet friend this morning who had also been there, and she said the same basically. her kid hadn’t coped, so spent the 2 hours making trouble for her which we had to watch. it’s a strange situation. So instead of crochet this morning we just had a good talk* about it.



On Thursday Lola and I went to Manchester on the train with Emilia and this tiny passenger!

He’s so cute! She had to visit the Polish Consulate. They didn’t let Lola and me in! Then we had lunch and visited Manchester Cathedral ,loads of lovely colourful stained glass windows, and the John Rylands Library.

It was a very nice and interesting visit but on our feet all day.

After the shocking “There but for the grace of God” feeling from Wednesday night, Fred and I had a good talk about money, work, and treating home like a hotel.

Today Fred has done quite a lot of jobs, only half of which he gets a little pay for towards his Nintendo Switch savings. And Lee has Finally seen his new job offer, which is good, but needs a tweak as the rents are so incredibly high in Amsterdam. Yay!



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