A sunny walk with bikes!

Oh My Goodness! I am thoroughly tired! I have done quite a lot today. I put chicken in the oven to bake, quite early this morning, to be included in tonight & tomorrow’s tea. Then Sam came round for a bit.


Obligingly playing with a bit of crochet while I did my Dutch. He was here for 2 hours so there was also some crying! His lovely mum went for a power walk, so it was my pleasure to have him. in fact Penny nipped in and fed him, as she is gearing up to be prepared for her own grandson before too long.

After that a bowl of soup with Emilia, and then Lola and I pushed 2 bikes to Woolton Village to get serviced by Stephen of Used Bicycles UK – he is a Christian from the TAB. it was a 3 mile walk, slightly uphill, but we had to get out and enjoy the sunshine and slightly warm weather.

I also rearranged Fred’s dip tet vaccination, and re-emailed the 2 bokes who quoted us for getting rid of the row of pine trees between mine and Penny’s. as I lost the quotes.  Hoorah I’ve achieved things!!

Also yesterday I had a lovely morning in church, just Fred came along, which can be nice. I felt compelled to share a “word” about keeping on & expecting Jesus to bring things to fruition. which fitted in very well with what was being said. Then I popped to Emilias & had nice chats with each of Joe & Emilia while the other had baths. We had a lovely tea then I put Olivia to bed, which has been a whole month or something. Joe has been making some moves toward getting a new job as his is such a drastic commute. Also he’s doing great at explaining stuff to the baby!

Lee left for Belfast  early this morning. It’s just an overnight.

A lady in my group at BSF was sort of decrying herself for all the sorts of things I used to hate about myself. So, instead of listening to the lecture!! I wrote her a note, encouraging her that rather than faults and unfortunate personality aspects, those are strengths that the Lord planned and Knit into her before birth.  Extreme emotions, an intense sense of justice, a quick tongue…and so on, are often seen as undealt-with bad habits,. but with the right attitude and help from above they are excellent tools for God’s work! Hoorah!

She emailed me back today saying thanks, she had never thought of herself in this way before. Yes, designed that way by God so she could serve Him in exactly the place he would have her. Yay for God’s love, everyone!


Nothing is ever wasted in His kingdom. Can you think of something about yourself that you’ve always hated?

Maybe He put it there for a wonderful reason. One you don’t know yet. Or, more likely, He has already used it for God, but you haven’t noticed.




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