Well, first of all on the way to town this morning we saw someone actually skiing down Parliament Street, with ski poles. There must have been little wheels under the skis or something.

We went to The Alchemist for breakfast, it’s near Lee’s work, in the business part of town. It’s all a bit steampunk/chemistry themed.

Even so, i wasn’t expecting my Red Bush tea to arrive frothing with dry ice! I only caught a pic near the end. it was quite a sight! We had a delicious breakfast. I had poached egg and smashed avocado on toast with hash browns, and it was garnished with red and green chilis, sweet chili sauce, spring onions and crispy onion bits. Fabulous!!


I would like to have dinner there sometime. They have all sorts of alchemy gimmicks like colour-changing cocktails and such!

Then we popped to Baltic Bakehouse for coffees. Their coffee is fantastic and has introduced me to the world of coffee, but I must say I prefer the ones I make for myself at home now. He had a salted caramel & banana bun, I had a St Blair bread, a spanish cakey bread with butternut squash and fennel seeds in. ooh! Then we went and parked in an empty bit of Grafton Street to drink our coffees, as the sun was streaming in the windscreen and we didn’t want to miss it!


Making my circles into squares now. Taste the rainbow!



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