Logan :(

Thursday.  After a quiet morning I got the bus to St Helen’s , it’s about an hour or so. I had an hospital appointment at 6.40pm! I went early, thought I’d pop into the cinema and see Logan. It’s about Wolverine being a bit old and grumpy and having to look after a little girl. It was an okay story, but it was full of f-words and some other stuff I didn’t like, and I thought, That’s what I get for watching a 15! and when I got outside and looked, it was only a PG! Urgh.


Then at the hospital I got the mould made for my new nightguard, I am having top and bottom this time. It has only been bottom jaw previously.

Remember that Alize Batik rainbow yarn I got in Stafford Market? It looks like this now! except brighter than this photo.


with a bit of help from some stylecraft special dk. I’m quite happy with it, I insisted on including all the orange and yellow, even though I don’t really enjoy them.







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