The Hiding Place

Tuesday. the girls and I went to TK Maxx and got a reduced Bodum cafetiere. Then Ella Rae came for a bit, and then BSF. It was a great study about Remaining In Him from John 15. Sometimes the group discussion is so encouraging with people sharing how these words have been active in their lives. Penny came to show me a blanket she is knitting for the forthcoming grandchild.

On Wednesday Myra came for lunch, I had forgotten that we had made a date! So quickly, clear up the dining room in half an hour, so we have somewhere to eat!!

I just did a can of soup and I made tomato, mozzarella and pesto sandwiches and we had a bag of flaming hot Cheetos. sophisticated! We talked about our international plans. Then to Emilia’s to show her how to make enchiladas from scratch. Her son was very cheerful, smiling and cooing a lot. He’s gorgeous.

Then Ruby, Fred and I went to Jojo’s school to watch the school play, The Hiding Place. I am a big fan, but the kids are quite unfamiliar with Corrie Ten Boom as her books are written in quite olde worlde language which gets in the way of their enjoyment. Even the YWAM kids version manages to make her adventures quite dull! So i was thrilled to see them enjoying the play. It was quite long, from 7-10pm with an interval. It was excellent!

I din’t take any pics but it looked something like this. Also nice was we know over half the cast quite well as they are teens from our church. It was amazing.


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