Starting to get light.

Hello, yesterday Ruby and I headed to Allerton Road to do some boring bank stuff. We went to the Tavern for lunch. It’s mainly quite dark in there, and I hoped we’d get a window seat as I prefer light. Then we got seated in the atrium bit, I’ve never sat there before. It’s lovely and light with a different feel to the rest of the place! Simple pleasures!! We browsed a few 2nd hand shops.

What’s nice is, it’s light now when Jojo has to leave for school. I feel so sorry for him having to slog out into the dark with such a heavy bag, knowing he’s got not one but 2 buses to wait for in the freezing dark!

I made roast chicken and roasted veg but it was clear no-one was planning to enjoy it, so I made them go to the chippy and I will create a soup from the cooked things today. (obviously Lee was out, or he’d have enjoyed it)

I just read The Savage Altar by Asa Larsson. It was a Swedish crime novel. I don’t really enjoy the murder bits but I just like the settings and small differences in way of life.

Fred and I read the first chapter of The Young Peacemaker yesterday,

Which is an American curriculum in 12 comics about conflict and what it says about it in the bible. we quite enjoyed it. I bought it a few years ago, and then I could never find both the comics and the teachers guide at the same time! So he gets to do it on his own, that’s probably for the best!

Then we played Big Bang Theory-themed Cluedo. He got quite into it.



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