Rona’s 60th

On Saturday we took Jojo with us for breakfast. Turned up at the Tavern at 08.55 to avoid a queue. Imagine our surprise the whole place was packed out with families as they now open at 7am! And there was a big queue, so we went to Milo Lounge instead. As we are early risers, we would have loved the Tavern to have been open at 7am all this time. But actually it was full of people with 2 toddlers each. So probably more than 50 toddlers in the room. A no-no.

later we went to Aldi.

Lola helped me choose a dress in Simply Be to wear to Rona’s 60th birthday party, which was Saturday night. In a trendy Bar in town where one of her boys has worked for a few years. Lola and I got there at 8.30, it was just wonderful to see Rona and the “boys” who are all between 19 and 26 I think. We sat with Claire who I know from the Tab/CFS and Ste who I once bought a bike off a few years ago, and of course Raymond, who is now sporting a long white beard, rather like a garden gnome! He is living in a village in Cheshire now. I chatted with Tony’s son Grant and his girlfriend. I almost recognised a couple of young men from when they used to be kids in St Michael’s school. Then later Josh (middle son) turns up with his girlfriend Natalie and baby son Isaac who is 4 weeks old! Adorable! Josh pointed at him and said “This is how I see your boys!” This is Rona’s 1st Grandchild.  I made an appointment to go round and catch up with all that’s going on. At the party they  had made some huge banners with pics of Rona on and the legend “Happy 40 + 20 Birthday!” It was lovely but we only stayed til about 10.30. I had forgotten all about having to shout over loud dance music etc. and not being able to make yourself heard by the bar tenders. It was a lovely evening though.


de boys


we have been friends almost 17 years .what a blessing!

Also, ! meet next door’s dog, whom I have christened Ghost Horse. Since Storm Doris took away some fence panels, he has been sitting quietly outside our backdoor, very calm, just giving us all a shock cos we aren’t expecting anyone to be there!


perspective has made him look smaller than a packet of biscuits in this pic but he isn’t!!




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