Not a lot

On Wednesday we didn’t do much. Ruby and I got the bus to Victoria Park, Widnes. Had a little walk and got an ice cream in Esposito’s. Thursday I have decluttered Lee’s side of the bedroom. (note the clutter was mine!) And in the afternoon I went to the farm café with Simonne, had an absolutely lovely talk with her, she’s one in a million! then took 2 bags to the 2nd hand shop. Then came home, sorted tea and went to Homegroup. A new couple came tonight, I’ve said hello to them a couple of times at church. There are now 2 people called Jed in our church – I’ve never met one previously in me life! The homegroup have just started a little study in John, it was quite good. Lola’s stayed over with Olivia 2 nights. Lee is out with a shipping line tonight. Oh yes I suppose I should mention the wind! It’s been very rough out there today.


scenes over Liverpool



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