ups & downs & 2 babes

My Jojo has been very upset and has been chatting with his 2 school/church friends by text. I think they are very kind kids, doing their best to comfort him. Today  J, has invited him over to spend some time together. I am going to print some pics of Cheetah and get one of those multi picture frame , we can do a nice collage of Cheetah to take with us when we move.

I have done a lot of jobs downstairs this morning and asked the girls to please tidy the clothes that are already in their rooms, before the clean mountain of clothes from the launderette, goes back in their rooms too.

I have been struggling with some hormonal or migraine type symptoms with extreme tiredness & I was stuttering and stammering yesterday. I know I need healthier food, I find it so difficult to plan and cook. So went to the Old Hardware Shop with the girls yesterday as it’s very healthy food in there.

It’s quite a rollercoaster with Shaq, the cat, there are various other things going on around us and the exciting move, which is a positive thing, but also all the uncertainty about it.

Also here are Sam, now about 5 months, and my new nephew Miles Ellis in an excellent pose! He looks like his dad here!




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