Thurs evening Lola was out with friends and we went to Tortilla with Ella,  R and Lee.

Today Lee & I went to breakfast at Milo Lounge, then Ruby and I went for a walk from Belle Vale up the Loop Line, only about 3 miles, came off and wandered about in L16 until we found Queen’s Drive! Then had a sandwich in the Childwall Fiveways pub and got the bus home. It was nice to hear birdsong and there is the odd flower coming up.

Oh I actually forgot to include Friday lunch! Penny and I went to Bibi’s for a lovely homemade pizza and massive fabulous salad, with 2 hours of laughing and reminiscing about our adventures over the years! Bibi certainly saw a different side to Penny, we were talking about the time with the clot in the lung and also how she acts at work, to get troubled people to play along with her. it’s an eye opener! oh it was such a lovely time! very memorable!


And this is just a nice bright thing!





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