Some photos from the week

Hello, Lee has been in Rotterdam on thurs & fri working, and he saw A, his future boss. On Friday afternoon they were free, so had a walk around Amsterdam (only 25 mins away on the fast train!) and A showed him her fab flat in the characterful Old part of town.

This isn’t her house, above, but a lovely example of detailing you get there. And also I asked Lee to get me a Dutch women’s mag and a kids book to help me learn. Lee really enjoyed his time in Amsterdam, ate some good food, and felt natural, safe and happy  there. A was not able to give him any details of his contract (she isn’t making it) but he is confident all will be provided for.

on Thursday night at homegroup in Jonny & Simonne’s, we were joined by 3 elders from New Covenant Church, Krakow. website:

They were lovely! One couple are from South Africa and the other lady is from Hertfordshire, born to Polish & Ukrainian parents. What a fascinating bunch! I certainly plan to visit them there sometime.

While I haven’t done much crochet recently, I did a bit in Stafford. It’s the Moorish Mosaic Afghan pattern by Lisa Naskrent, I love it!

Some in subtle rose “Baby Jazz” (4mm hook) and some bright crazy ones in Stylecraft special DK and Stylecraft Merry-go-round (4.5mm hook).

So. while Lola and I were I New Look in Belle Vale yesterday, I had a stroke of Genius, and got her to choose clothes for Ruby for her birthday. Ta-daah! This is the way forward as Ruby likes clothes but finds shopping and choosing very difficult. When the girls go shopping together, I think there is a lot of communication difficulties, One really needs a lot of patience, and they usually come back in foul moods with nothing bought for Ruby.

Lola and I enjoyed selecting things for Ruby that she’d like, yet cannot be mistaken for a boy in! It’s a fine line!!


We did well! R pointed out that exact shade of pink in a shop window the other day so we’re on to a winner. I think she’ll be really pleased.

And finally here’s me & mum getting our feet nibbled by little fishes 6 years ago! and a little handbag I got in new look.




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