Stafford & Birmingham

Hello. So Friday I got the train to Stafford, had lunch in SK with mum. Popped into the market for some lovely balls of yarn. Mum & Dad had only just got back from Devon and were recovering from the strains of looking after an elderly relative. I was still suffering with the cold and went to bed shortly after tea. I think it was about 7pm!!


Saturday mum & I went to Birmingham, and had a lovely lunch in Tortilla in Grand Central, which is the fancy shopping mall with massive food court near New Street Station. Had a look in some fancy colourful shops, very nice. we were both pretty feeble and had to stop for cuppas more than anything!

Then we went to the covered market there by the Bull Ring to this knitting stall.


Picture nicked from the web as my phone had no battery. The lady manning the stall was lovely and very helpful. I got 5 balls in some fab colours. I haven’t crocheted much in the past weeks as been occupied with tidying . But with this cold I was happy to sit in bed crocheting and I did lots this weekend. So I’ll put some pics up shortly.

Saturday night we watched “Fargo” and enjoyed it. it’s 20 years old! It’s always been one of my favourites. I showed mum some potential homes for us in Amsterdam on and then we enjoyed looking at some flats in Exmouth on . It was all very hypothetical but fun!

Didn’t do much at all on Sunday. Oh yes, I cut mum’s hair. I was a bit terrified of the outcome as it must be at least 2 years since i did it. Maybe much longer.  I had to youtube some techniques. It looked pretty after.

Came home to find Jojo better but Fred is now ill and Lola has got worse.

I received a dressing down from a precious teenager for about half an hour and then went straight to bed!


I felt much better this morning. I did lots of sensible stuff like having a healthy cooked breakfast with kale in it (Urgh) and took my iron (etc) tablets. Made a load of omelettes for the kids too. I did lots of kitchen jobs. Then the kids started waking up. I had the intention of taking some of them for a walk. We were watching the Hairy Bikers and Bake Off while waiting for different people to get ready. The Bake Off episode featured Egg custards and lots of us started wanting an egg custard!

In the end the 3 kids and I (Obv Jojo was at school) went on the bus to Ditton to Coffee500. it had been such a long time waiting for various folk to get up that we ended up being there for lunch. It is a very reasonable place to eat. we had all sorts of fancy mochas and hot choc with American marshmallow fluff in etc. and a toasted sandwich each. We had a nice chat in there with lots of laughing, Thank You Jesus! It is not very often we have these teens interacting with each other so nicely. We have a bunch of intense personalities!


Then Fred got the bus home, and the girls and I walked a little way to the Halebank Co-op and got those elusive egg custards!

Also today Lee rang his future boss A. Today she was personally moving house from Germany to Amsterdam. She said his contract is 100% being done! Honest! As he suspected there really is only one woman in HR who does these things and she’s been off ill. She is back in now and working on it.  Wahoo! We live in Hope!





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