Essay submitted, wahoo!


Wednesday I had lunch with Emilia and this cute kid! He does smile and try to converse with me, but I can’t capture it. He did eat a portion of banana baby porridge. Then, I didn’t manage to get much more essay done. Jojo came home looking rather ill and I conceded defeat by the cold: I didn’t go to Jojo’s Parents Evening. I went to bed and watched Crazy Stupid Love, one of my favourite films, with the Dutch subtitles on. It’s hilarious.

I woke up knowing I only had a few hours to sort this German essay. I wrote it in Biro and then I needed a computer to upload it to Open Uni’s website. My laptop is working but currently does not have Microsoft Office! So I can’t create a document on there. Penny and Emilia were both out so I braved the weather to walk to the local library. I look and feel dreadful too. I got in there 11.30. quickly typed up my work and submitted it at 12:02. The deadline was 12:00 but I think that’ll be fine. Phew! On the bus stop to come home I met Emilia with Sam in the pram. So we walked together and she made me this fabulous lunch.

Eating is such a treat at hers, she makes everything a bit special, she always goes the extra mile. Her kid obliged us by sleeping out the back door throughout. Very different to yesterday!!

I am very much looking forward to going to Mum & Dad’s this weekend. It has been a difficult week just trying to get people fed & to Dr appointments while being ill. I do feel a lot better today but still quite weak and tired.


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