Time to work :(

20170125_095913.jpgStill with a bad cold, I spent Tuesday mostly in bed.  I saw Penny for a few minutes and had a nice phone call with Becca.  Then took Ruby to her orthodontist appointment in the afternoon. She got the bar (wire) of her brace replaced as she’d chewed through it a bit. The orthodontist Dr Woodier, who is very nice, remarked at the change in her, looking at the plaster cast of her original teeth shape. It is difficult to realise that only last year she had one front tooth completely overlapping the other. Anyway, her overbite or whatever is also getting corrected well, and she has an appointment in 2 months for the bottom brace to go on. Good progress! Then we had lunch in Tortilla, v nice healthy tacos full of veg, beans & salad, and then went home. I necked a bottle of Home ‘n’ Bargain’s £1 red wine and fell into a deep sleep, emerged at 10pm feeling a lot more human!

Today is Writing My German Essay Day! It has to be in at lunchtime on 26th. Thankfully these huge bags under my eyes are full of adjective endings, strong declensions, and the correct word order in subordinate clauses. Only Kidding! I don’t know any of these things and I am frantically looking them up. !!

Jojo got his 1st school report yesterday and it’s Parents Evening tonight. As ever his report is very good & complementary. It is a school which works very hard to get you to learn the best of everything you can and it suits his character. It really is the best preparation he could have had for the foreign move. Whatever school he goes to next, I suspect he could not be asked to work harder, but he is practiced in giving a loft of effort.

Lee and Lola are also suffering with a bad cold.  😦 sad times!




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