oh hello. above left, some ducks on their first flight apparently. This morning I was determined to Do Something! after 2 days basically abed. So I moved this cupboard downstairs from my bedroom & put the saucepans in it. I chucked out a horrible old broken dark brown tallboy that I had been using there. (top right).

Also I bought this Brene Brown book in a 2nd hand shop the other day to get change for the car park, but it turns out it’s about how to become more like me! #arrogant?

Anyway I had a lovely good talk with Emilia this morning and we looked at her wedding photos and stuff. Then I felt a bit dizzy so came home for a little lie down. I’ve done a good bit of cleaning today too. it’s baby steps, but you can see a difference in the dining room. Simonne thinks her friend can get & fit us some 2nd hand patio doors for the back door.That would be excellent!

some pics from her wedding. wow people have changed!!



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