Well, yesterday all the disability-related benefits people got back to me and said the benefits would be finished after 13 weeks abroad. which makes me wonder why they have exportability teams really! I’ll ask Angie if she’s got any ideas. I am grateful for any benefits we have received and I know we will be provided for one way or another. Once my girls turn 18 next month, we will lose half our child benefit and tax credits too. That’ll be interesting!!

Last evening Emilia & Olivia came for chippy tea and then we kept Sam for a couple of hours as E was so tired, please pray for her to look after herself. Believe me, I was tired too after the 2 hours, we mostly walked to TK Maxx with him in the carrier as he cries really loud & often!

Today Fred and I went to Alder Hey and met Sam & Shaq, had lunch in Kimo’s and then went back to theirs for the boys to play computer games. Fred hasn’t actually seen Shaq since august! And it didn’t occur to me, and F didn’t ask, but he had no idea what state Shaq was in. Actually, he looks and acts exactly the same as before he went in! all the serious stuff is on the inside. Shaq came out walking, carrying his little heart medicine machine. Last time, he had to be pushed in a wheelchair, so that’s good. The boys played upstairs and got on very well. Hoorah! And Sam & I did a bit of crochet. Please pray for them too!

Hey, I decluttered another box yesterday and found my book about decluttering!!




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