lots of things

Where was I? Okay, Sunday: did all the usual things I do on Sunday, thus having a lovely time. Plus lunch at the farm café with Cathy, so even lovelier.

Monday, went to Café 500 with my lovely Penny, which is a very unusual situation – we always have our cuppa n chat in hers, but I suddenly thought it would be good and it was.

Then, I had my annual appointment in St Helens at 3pm. Usually it’s a couple of hours on the bus and five minutes in the hospital. But interestingly I had to have an x-ray and they are going to mould me a different type of jaw gumshield thing for wearing during sleep, that should last longer. How practical! so that’s good news.

Ruby and I had come to St Helens with Emilia & the baby, and they went and watched the glass blowing while I was in my appointment. that was quite good, but then we had a slightly dreadful journey back involving lots of incorrect turns, (not unusual for me & Emilia) but it was made a lot worse by a lot of Sam crying and shrieking! we were quite frazzled, and very late back, and Olivia was waiting at home with a sore knee too!

Anyway so that was all a bit crud. Then Olivia came and sat in ours while Emilia went to housegroup. at least we had an okay evening! Looking after a young baby is really hard and mums are so hard on themselves these days too.


This morning I have made lots of calls I had been putting off forever: 3 different types of Dr appointments for Ruby, 3 calls to the 3 benefits we receive, to find out if the benefits are “exportable” to Netherlands. that would be cool huh! the exportability team of each benefit department are all going to call me back.

Fred has been earning some pocket money by sorting out lots of pile-of-important-paperwork for me.

Today, Ruby suddenly realised she had missed an appointment, and ran to catch it! This is a good development! Very positive! She managed to catch the person involved.

I am sending my 2 boys to a teen/young adult Christian weekend in Edinburgh in April called Regenerate, with various people from church. http://www.regenerate9.co.uk/ is the website.

Oh yeah, yesterday someone in here said, “Carrots of the Pirobbean”!









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