Ok in the morning I went to see Penny, we had this fab amaretto cake from Delifonseca as it was her birthday yesterday. I made a stew in the slow cooker. Then in the afternoon I saw Angie. I didn’t sleep much again last night, I am not worrying but I think that is my body’s way of saying “You should be worrying”. but I’m not interested.

in the evening the boys went to The Mix and watched God’s Not Dead II.

Saturday… We had a carful of junk to take to the dump, then the husband and I had poached eggs in Unit 51. Fabulous! He had a sausage on top, I had avocado. Then we had a Real coffee and a cake each from Baltic Bakehouse. Lee says he is seeing Annika (future boss) on 3rd of Feb so he will hopefully get some more info then, or if not, he will certainly ask for some! So that set my mind at rest a little. Thank God I was able to encourage him, I find it so difficult to say heartfelt things to close family members. But I thanked him for supporting us and letting me spend the last 18 years bringing up the kids, which was what I wanted to do in life. And now he is doing it again – making a lifelong dream come true by moving us to Europe. And after so many years hard work he will have a chance to travel, he has always wanted to. He would like to drive to many different countries in Europe.

So since then I have been decluttering the hill of storage boxes n bags in my room. Also did an hour of refolding clean clothes and sending them to the right rooms.

Here’s a page about a bookshop we’ve been in mum!

ps I should add that Lee has been at a dinner the Israeli ambassador, but i’m  not sure if it’s the same one.








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