Rainbow Tape!

Today I had a nice chat over Facebook with a home ed mum of 8 who recently moved to Liverpool, her husband is now a pastor in an inner city church. it turns out that one of her big teens is in a band with a teen from my church. I was recommending various groups and activites. I was glad to hear she didn’t make any of her big kids do Gcses, they just went to college at 16, did the adult test and got in. Then in the evening to Emilia’s as usual,  where we just sat around yawning and saying we were tired! that’s okay!

Fred has covered this old DS in rainbow Duck tape! he spent time matching up the pattern and everything!

Thursday – in the morning Paula came to have some crochet gubbins I am decluttering – some yarns I don’t use and also billions of half done projects! she took away 4 of the large bags-for-life full! Yay! It is a weight off my shoulders, although I must say there is still lots here. she was thrilled, as she said, “you’ll laugh – look what I brought today” and it was one carrier bag! So I have kept just the colours I really like, and half-done stuff that I actually would like to finish.

Then in the afternoon my lovely Simonne collected me at 2pm. As we got in the car she said “We’re going to Leathers Lane, to the 3 charity shops, and I want to buy you something!” OK then! So she got me a turquoise dress, 2 Christmassy mugs ( that match my 2 bowls, mind!) to put away til December, an unused teatowel with strawberries on, and a green jacket I thought Ruby might like. all for about £5! then we went back to hers and sat under blankets and lazed around saying we were tired – do you see the pattern! it was lovely to see her, she had been very Below the weather, as she put it, over Christmas so we hadn’t met.


This is a random pic of her I nicked off Facebook. she’s an absolute darling! a little African ray of sunshine.






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