dealing with that tent

Hi! at the moment the girls 18th birthday plans are: Lola will go to Alton Towers for a weekend with friends. Ruby would prefer to get a computer. And neither are earning at the mo so they would appreciate money!

Did I mention, our tent was just hanging about in the back garden, I hadn’t bothered drying it out to pack away, and it blew into next door’s back garden! Nobody noticed, but then one day Janice was in on her own, caught sight of it and thought a homeless person had moved into their garden! You wouldn’t put it past people in this social climate, would you! well Lee just put it in the side-bit, where we stow junk before taking it to the dump. Today it was really windy and it blew over the 8-foot fence and started towards the street! So Fred has been dealing with it today.


We have done a bit more decluttering and dutch today not as vigorously as yesterday though.

Lola tidied her room over sun/mon, thankfully, and rearranged some furniture. she has got the box room at the moment, and has it absolutely packed to the gills with unnecessary clothing. Haar kamer is voll met kleding!




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