little Sam T

Believe me, after Arthur left we went straight to bed and woke up so late Sunday I didn’t even bother getting anyone out of bed, I went to church on my own. Which has its advantages as I was able to have a good chat with everyone after for hours!! Carol spoke on New Beginnings, taking each person from the nativity and talking about how their life changed and what may have happened next. I especially appreciated her as she’s been quite physically unwell, but persevered to encourage us.

Then home for a bit, back at 5 for prayers for the new year. Then Johnny came and invited Lee out to dinner for my birthday, as Johnny and I have the same birthday. Then I went to Emilia’s.


Sam did a lot of smiling and vague chatting. amongst the crying. It’s been a couple of weeks, so I was glad to see everyone and they had some fun stories to tell! and I’d managed to forget how much he cries in that time too!

Well , this morning I have been very productive, I am more than halfway through the Dutch course on Duolingo. I have been doing the present, present continuous, passive, past passive, imperative, reflexives, simple past, future, future perfect, present perfect! For some reason it’s all going in.

(I write, I am writing, a letter is being written by me, a letter was written by me, Write!, I am expressing myself, I wrote, I will write, I will have written,  I have written. There are more actually!)

Then I did a bit of education with Fred. And some washing up, sorting out a shelving unit in the dining room, hoovered the front room. Is spring in the air? Actually it is today, I’ve had the sitting room window open and Fred hasn’t noticed.

At about 3.30 the girls and I walked from aigburth road through Priory woods & the festival park, about 5km , to meet Lee at 5 in Brasco Lounge where we had dinner, we were only intending to have a hot drink! it was lovely.






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