Thursday 5th Jan ’17

Lee got me these lilies, and I got the pink flowers and the gypsophila for 9p each in Morrisons later in the evening! Lovely.

Bit strange, but just looking out the back door and knowing the chickens aren’t there, is a small thrill for me as I have been trying to get rid of them for ages and my arrangements always fell through!

Today was Jojo’s first day back at school so I got up at 6 with him and made him an egg on toast to send him off. Also cos it was bin day and I needed to run around our street with various bags of rubbish, seeing which bins weren’t full…

Did some home ed with Fred, asked the others to do 30xp (a set number of lessons) each day of Dutch on Duolingo. Went to Asda as Jojo needs a full set of pe kit including tracksuit and white trainers. They had nothing acceptable. I had a chat over facebook with a lovely Christian home edder while getting Fred to do one bowlful of washing up. it’s quite fun if you only do it once a month or so. Then I had to empty the gross gelatinous sludge from a pan , (remains from Lee cooking lamb chops) and me and Fred started gagging and making unnecessarily dramatic sick noises! And then Fred offered to scrape it out of the sink for me because I am a vegetarian and it’s worse for me. What a love!

Then I had this appointment with Talk Liverpool, the NHS therapy I was offered, and told there was a 26 week waiting list. “I’ll be cured by then!” I announced. And I am. Anyway it hasn’t been anything like 26 weeks. Someone phoned last month and said there was an opening.  So I went and told the lady I am cured of the most pressing problem, what I asked for therapy for in the first place. She asked how and I told her all about it and that it was God who healed it. She didn’t look convinced, but that’s not my problem!

I feel like I don’t really need the therapy, it’s not even 1-on-1 after the initial session.  It’s a 10-week course entitled Living Life to the Full and it begins in March or April. So I just need to listen to the Lord and either cancel it or go to it! I don’t need to worry about that now.

So after that I popped to Iceland and got a chocolate pizza! I’ll tell you how that turns out. Then I went and met Jojo at the retail park to go in JD Sports, a shop I have always hated, to get him dirt cheap, shoddy , name branded sportswear. it came to £74. And the day is done!






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