A little adventure to Garston! 

Angie had to collect her hubby and the baby from Hospital so I took this lot on the bus to Asda and Garston Park. they are pretty good guys, so in Asda I let ’em out the pram and they didn’t run or scream, though we did get in quite a few people’s way!  Josiah was pulling the basket/trolley thing they have now. but not the conventional way! It was on its side the whole time, but our snacks stayed in!

When I’m in a situation like this where I’ve bitten off a bit more than I can chew, I love it! My heart was absolutely full as I tried to listen to them all talking at once and deal with Hope’s 10p coin that she kept losing every few seconds. I love the chaos!

I know a lot of people feel sorry for them as there are so many, but they really are happy, loved little characters. They get on well and are much more overtly caring and sentimental than my lot were. As they get older it’s physically a lot easier, but it seems a lot harder to make people feel loved.



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