Some little darlings visit

Josiah and Hope are here cos Arthur the youngest, has got hospitalised with very bad chicken pox. I went round as L (18) was getting the other 5 up, at about 8.30 (extremely civilised hour!) and hung around for a while, but I cannot be caged in a hot room with so many small people! So I brought these 2 round here, to give L a bit of relief. so she’s just got 3 quite reasonable sisters at home. Hope soon saw the cats off by screaming CATS and chasing them. “I want to stalk the cats” she said, as that’s what she heard an adult saying last week! then I sent them outside to “catch” the chickens in a mini fishing net! Josiah (4) gave it a good go. Hope fetched 2 eggs and then wouldn’t give me one, she ran around for quite a while holding it! they are quite hilarious and very good natured.


meanwhile the men are dismantling chicken stuff as Dan is armed with a friend and a van,  and is coming to get the chooks tonight! wow, is it really happening? Only time will tell.


just having a fight over the boggle letters. Boy,  Hope can scream!!

inevitably the chickens didn’t get collected today I hope for tomorrow!






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