Buh-Bye chickens!

Hello, today Fred and I were on the bus to Alder Hey to visit Shaquille, when I suddenly realised I’d been with litttle’uns who had chicken pox yesterday. I rang Sam and she asked a nurse, of course I’m not allowed to see him for a couple of weeks now or something. I’ll have to ring for a good old phone chat with Sam. She along with Becca are the only people I can really have a proper phone convo with. So Fred and I went to Lovelocks for a fab bagel, then we went to Lord St to the three 2nd hand game shops in a row, Game, Grainger Games exchange and CEX. He got a game and an amiibo and I got a good cond Samsung phone to replace this Windows Lumia which I am not enjoying at all! It doesn’t do my blog or Instagram! what do they think phones are even for, huh?!

Finally Dan (atop) and his friend with a van Paddy came and collected the chickens and all the coop panels. Dan has a fine head of luxuriant dreadlocks, you can’t see them here, and a crowd of youths came out of the house opposite me and said:

“sick locks bro!”


So goodbye chickens! Got 2 eggs out about 5pm and from now on we will be buying them again.  I look forward to mopping the floor near the back door and it not being covered in unmentionables a couple of hours later!

Also, the girls got back safe n sound from their adventures in Wales! Thankfully!!

It seems Lola has quit college (!) They make their own decisions. So she will become my decluttering manager.



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