New Year’s

Hello, Well Saturday Lee & I had breakfast in Milo Lounge in Lark Lane and a little walk around there.( bottom pics) Then in the evening it was our church New Years Eve party from 8-12. we had fun n games and a quiz, from 8-11, then a bit of worship and prayer to see in the new year as we mean to go on! I went with my boys (the girls are in Wales). There were about 30 people, it was very fun. Initially Jojo didn’t want to join in, F did but in the end they both did. There were a few moments when F wavered – i.e. when someone made a joke he didn’t realise was a joke, or when he didn’t win something. but the moments were over quickly and I’m really glad he joined in. Because he’s pretty quiet on Sunday mornings, it means it’s possible for some people to never get to know him. So some more people learnt his name and saw a bit of what he’s about. !

So today there was no church, that’s different! And Lee and I made a quick trip to Spike Island (top pics). it was sunny but with a freezing wind, so a very quick walk! Looked at the new Runcorn Bridge. Also (I have been wondering what I’ve been doing these last days) I have been doing a lot of dutch on duolingo, it’s quite addictive! And I’ve been watching a few films in Dutch, starting to get an idea of what people are saying. It’s quite tricky as words flow into each other and they tend to not bother pronouncing various syllables.

Today I took on the task of tidying Ruby’s bedroom,  it seemed mammoth! The clothes were still in bags downstairs from our launderette visit, so I could just clear up other stuff and hoover, there is lots more but I have made good progress.





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