2 Fambly visits

You know how people hate to be in photos in this family. I thought our Christmas table was pretty though rather plain. the middle is some colouring I did on Christmas day in my new mandala crafts colouring book.

this is Carols’ new front hallway, she’s moved into a flat in a big house in Aigburth. These are my Azalea they got me in Morrisons.

ok, we had a lovely time at Edith’s for Boxing day afternoon/evening. Here are my niece Lois, nephew Ben, Sarah, and shown with Ruby, Sarah’s new boyfriend Lee. He is welsh and he was very nervous to meet us all. he kept trying to get R to speak to his kids back in Wales. Boy did he pick the wrong person! He was a bit drunk so could not take the hint, she  kept almost hitting the red “end call” button on his phone! Also present were Laurie & Edith, Matt’s girlfriend Natalie (Matt was upstairs with a flu) and inevitably Van turned up at some point causing chaos! And just as we were leaving, Brandon came in.

Today Lee and I had breakfast at Malmaison, which is a bit fancy. I had a lovely omelette, he enjoyed kippers. It’s very cosy & tasteful in there. Then At 2pm Chris & Di’s, we had a lovely dinner, then Leah popped in, she is expecting a baby in feb and was quite large! I’m thankful for so many family members who like to cook for us and have us around!


Miami Airport. pretty, huh!







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