It’s almost Christmas.

Friday  morning I met my lovely Linda for a cuppa n chat n prayer in Morrisons. It was fab to see her!

Then I had my cute little twins for the afternoon, they are 2 and 3/4 years old, very similar in the face and body now. they were very entertaining, cute, loving, adorable! Ruby and I took them to the post office in the pushchair and we let them walk home, they were good at staying on the pavement, and enjoyed kicking through leaves.

They chased the cats off quickly with their enthusiasm, so then I got the birdcage put it on the floor in the hall and they fed loads of popcorn and pencils through the bars, they loved it!  Chris & Di came over delivering presents while all this was going on, chaos!

I haven’t got any photos as I left my phone in lee’s car all day.

Ruby went to stay over with Olivia.

Lola put our tree up, and decorated around the front room and dining area a bit.  She does a lovely job. This morning I got up early and tidied things a bit so it can get a bit more Christmassy. Then Lee, Lola and I went to M&S and Aldi for food.



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