Star Wars Rogue One

Hello, yesterday we downloaded and played Stardew Valley on PS4, it’s very very similar to my fave ever video game, Harvest Moon on DS. Yay!

In the afternoon we were supposed to have my little twin Goddaughters, but they are just finishing off chicken pox, so we rearranged. I made a big chicken stew and a small veggie one.

Then the boys, Ruby and I went to town to see the new Star Wars film, Rogue One. It was quite good much more Star Wars than last year’s offering, The Force Awakens. There were some familiar faces, I thought it tied in believably to the rest of the saga, and it was much more of a war action film (which I don’t particularly like). But it was good.


then we came home and ate the stew! yes, how sensible, we didn’t eat out!

Oh yes, also Lee was told yesterday that due to illness of the manager & hr people, he won’t receive his job offer til new year. at least that takes some uncertainty out of it. it is coming!




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