Naomi Jazz

Thursday night Ruby went to sit Olivia while Joe, Emilia, Sam & I went to Southport to see Naomi doing a jazz set at The Atkinson. She is from my church, I don’t know her very well and I thought it would be fun. She sings as well as plays instruments and is in a trio with her husband on double bass and a bloke who is possibly her brother, on piano. It was quite nice. There was a jam sesh after that audience were invited to participate in.


this is a promo shot off facebook.

Today Fred and I went to Spring City, a trampoline place this side of town, with the home Ed group. He only bounced for a few mins but he spent the hour chatting with friends. I spent the whole time chatting to lovely Carrie and held her 6-month old baby. what a contrast to Sam! I could hardly take this kid’s weight!!

In other news I made some carrot soup with lots of garlic. it was fab.



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