This afternoon I went to Emilia’s as I hold the baby while she hoovers, and then I put Olivia to bed. We had some wine and brie and stuff, which was nice! I sat with Sam for a couple of hours so she could take O to dance practice and get some shopping done on her own. then later Joe came in with D & B from SBC, they run the teen club together on Wednesdays and come back for a drink after, so I stayed for a chat. But by 9.30 I was so tired! It’s a long time before bedtime for them, but It felt like I’d done a full days work occupying Sam and doing some odd housework jobs.


He does gorgeous smiles and some animated chatting faces, I can’t get a pic of them though!

Once we’ve moved away, I am going to read Olivia her bedtime story by skype!




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