I would hate for Lee to get the impression I do nothing but go out for breakfasts and lunches. I do other things occasionally!!

This morning I was with Penny, we both have big changes in the new year, she is going to be a grandma! We were talking about future plans, and both praising God for the quick answers to our prayers, that we prayed for each other last Thursday. We both had much better results than we could have dreamed of in some personal matters.

Then I got in and asked Lee if he would like to go for lunch with me somewhere. He said no. And then almost immediately, Emilia turned up at the door asking if I could come for lunch! We went to Fruit n Fibres. Sam obliged us by sleeping throughout. And now Lola is dyeing my hair.


I have replaced my phone with lee’s old Nokia Lumia, which is a windows phone so hopefully I will be back to blogging as before.


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