Tree & Fruit n Fibres

Today I took the girls to town to buy a Christmas tree. We popped into Fruit n Fibres first for lunch. I had the veggie scouse, it was delicious! And it was lovely to see Hannah, and we had such a laugh talking about my girls’ old kids tv programmes.

Then we went to Wilkinsons, really my favourite high street shop. We got ahem the cheapest Christmas tree available, brought it home but it won’t come out of the box til about Tuesday as Lola, the self-appointed boss of Christmas, is off house-sitting for the weekend.

In the afternoon I got R & F to do some proper housework and had everything nice for when Lee got in from Hamburg. We had a nice tea made up of things from Iceland: chicken pie, peri peri fries, mac ‘n’ cheese with jalapeno peppers in, and green beans. For Iceland, it was really quite good.

I have finished binge-watching The Fall. It was very good, thought-provoking and refreshingly free of gore and sordid scenes, considering it was a murder procedural.

Good Night!



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