Some time with lovely friends

I had another night without sleep, struggling with some kind of anxiety. In the morning I went to Penny’s so she could encourage me! We had a good chat about what’s bothering us and prayed for each other. Oh yeah, I had at least 3 potential appointments today but without my phone I had no idea. which I find stressful as I hate to let people down. But as soon as I let them go I felt a bit better.

Ruby and I went to Iceland and I bought a load of frozen food and got it delivered to the house, so we don’t end up eating expensive chippy food while I’m so tired.

I tried to go to sleep in the afternoon but just ended up watching some episodes of The Fall.

Lee went to Germany on Tuesday and I have no idea if he will be back today or tomorrow!

M from Gateway picked me up for tea at her house, what a joy! She cooked and then we ate and chatted about all sorts of things, then talking about prophetic words and stuff, she said we were going to do this exercise she learnt somewhere once. So we looked around her tastefully festive hearth and each fixed upon an item and prayed for a word to give the other. I was not sure what to expect. What we did is what I would call encouraging each other with some bible truths relating in some way to the articles we had picked up. It was fun!

She is really a precious unusual person.



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