CFS Christmas Fete

This morning I had a cuppa in Starbucks with P, she’s a crochet fanatic and fellow ASD mum. Then Fred and I went to Jojo’s school to help out. I was on the refreshments table as usual. I had a nice time getting to know the other ladies serving the teas ‘n’ cake, and Fred sulked in a corner! That was his choice, we had prepared beforehand about how he could enjoy himself there – by getting involved!  I think he did make the effort to say Hi to the 3 or 4 boys from Gateway that were there. Later Jojo got Fred to have a go at the throw-a-beanbag-through-a-hole and so on, and he won a few little Haribo fried egg sweets!

Jojo was manning a table with J from his class, and I also saw him doing a silly dance at one point. It’s so good to see him so comfortable and unselfconscious among a room full of people.

I saw lovely Rosy who you may remember from the Tab. She got married last month, and also 2 other mums from the Tab who were just young girls fresh out of Uni when I last saw them.

The cakes and crafts were of a much higher quality than I’ve become used to at such church/school events in Speke!  And cupcakes were going for a Pound!

So Fred did end up enjoying himself a bit too. It really is a very positive friendly place. I bought a 8″ tall  Christmas tree decorated with sweets, that Jojo made.

Then we got the bus home via the Retail as I needed to go to Boots and got F a McD, trying to get him on the bus to St John’s Ambulance again. But he has to be on the 89 bus at 5.50pm and we didn’t manage again. These Tuesdays that Lee is in Hamburg! It keeps happening! So F went home and I got the bus to Choir.  It was fun, but as we are coming to the last few weeks, we are really honing the songs. Also as only 3 of us alto’s were present,  it was quite noticeable which lines I am singing a different harmony to the others! !!!  I didn’t like that!

So a busy, fun day but with a lot of freezing at bus stops!

Also R went to her YPAS counselling and I didn’t see Lola!











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