Arts college, rent.

In the evening I went to Lola’s College to meet her teacher. She said Lola always works hard and all good stuff as usual. On the way I read through my little Dutch phrasebook, it seems very straightforward. reading and pronouncing are OK, as in any language. but when I am watching/listening to someone speaking Dutch on youtube it’s mainly unintelligible! Still, early days.

I enjoy the slightly Bristolian aspect – really pronouncing those “R”s in supeRmaRkt and “it hurts” (dat doet pijn) pronounced Dot doot pain = “that doos pain”! 

Later I went to chat to Penny about her possibly being a landlord agent type character, if we were to retain the house in Speke and rent it out to someone. She had lots of practical suggestions. 

Options galore!



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