Getting on with things . 

Today Fred has read his chapter of The Boys Body Book, a bit of The Screwtape Letters, and did a quick quiz of times tables, and now he’s on Dutch Duolingo. 

I have been sorting piles of paper and sorting junk for Barnardos. 

Fred got on his game and got annoyed about not winning. Next thing I’m in the kitchen and he is screaming, I thought he was hurt ! But no, he has got annoyed and thrown the controller down, breaking it open and dislodging something inside. The controller I only bought last week for £40! after having a few weeks of no ps4 as he broke the previous controller! Gah! (Jojo has his own controller that he hides during the school day)

So that’s that again! 

This afternoon I spent 45 mins on the phone with Currys “knowhow” trying to get rid of malware on my laptop. i have just started a complete reset which will take hours.

Also I have had a text conversation with JC from SBC, it was peaceful and friendly. You know I have wanted to make a friendly gesture for a good while, I pray about it a lot and only want to do things wisely. But please pray about that. 

Then I  went to BSF and had a wonderful time of course! Also some ladies from Uk regional team were there. Now I’ve already  looked it up,  there’s no BSF group in Amsterdam. So I asked them to put me in touch with any prayer group connected to BSF that is there. ! I am sure there must be one! 

Bsf have these little “satellite” discussion groups in places where it’s not possible to have a whole BSF for any reason. There are now 2700 satellite groups in the world, and 36000 at them, people who are no able to get to a regular BSF. As well as over 1000 regular BSF classes. ❤💙📖🕆💚💛



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