Sunday- The Polish musicians !

Last night we watched Red II. (We watched Red a couple nights ago) but i wasn’t concentrating. This morning the boys came to church with me. The Poles were all there and we had a good praise. Russ spoke on depression. I thought it was quite good. (You can imagine some of us a bit suspicious of what he might  say as he has never had depression !)  but it was ok. Then I chatted to a polish bloke and also a lodger of L and J who had joined us, they are Chinese Rachel’s parents  (or Heather’s parents if you live in Stafford !!) 

Took the boys to KFC as Lee was getting a plane to Hamburg for this famous job interview !! 

I went to church for prayer meeting at 5, everyone prayed for my family , then for the Poles and Poland in general. 

At 7 Emilia came with Olivia and Sam, also E who is another christian polish lady with her 2 kids, who i know a little bit from BSF. and another couple, but that’s all who turned up ao it was a bit sparse. we had tables set nice with candles, decorations , sweets and drinks.  They are recording an album so there  was some repetitions and false starts. the music is a bit more contemplative than I  imagined but I  enjoyed it, especially the polish ones. Some of our musicians had little guest spots.

We stayed til 9 as Olivia has school. I look forward to getting the album!


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