An interesting Saturday 

Hello, you would be forgiven for thinking I do nothing but go out and have fun adventures, I certainly did today!

Lee and I went to the Hotel Mercure for breakfast as it’s very close to his car park.

It  was very cold and foggy:

Thia was my fab view of the Liver Buildings! The breakfast was almost adequate in quality  (me) and simply substandard (Lee) so we nipped across the road to the Crown Plaza for a coffee.

Much nicer! We had a session prepping him for his upcoming interview.

 I’ve never been in here before. it’s nice!

The Liver building literally next door :

Then we walked slightly northwards to Princes Dock which has this bridge, I have never been here before either.

Walked back to car park and I remembered my church friends were street preaching at 11 with the Polish team, so I went to meet them.

About 7 from my church, 2 friends from Manchester, and 6 of the polish team were present. I haven’t come before. they come and preach here in the middle of town about once a month, Saturday 11am and offer to pray for people etc.

Pictured are some Poles singing ! so everyone has shortish turns preaching, giving a little testimony or whatever. I think they don’t usually sing, but why waste an opportunity ! The polish singing was gorgeous and they could swap between english and polish in same song! I got up and said a few words about Jesus for approx 2 minutes!

Just as we were due to finish a young polish dad that we don’t know, approached and asked if he could speak into the mic. Obviously Jonny was a bit circumspect but after a quiet word they let him up and he spoke about the kingdom of God for a bit! It  was fab! His  knees were shaking! I don’t think he had ever done anything like this before. 

It was a super and freezing time! then i got on the bus to meet Lola at Milo Lounge for lunch. That  was yum *also I had a chocolate-orange-baileys !! Yum! 

Then popped around the corner to meet C&C and view a flat with them in a leafy Aigburth street. We all liked it and the area and it looks like they will be taking the flat. 

Phew what an exciting day!

Btw here is photographer Geoff Drake’s pic of the Liver Buildings from another angle this morning:


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