I’ve spoken to my OU tutors and deferred one of my modules, L161 Exploring Languages and Cultures . I will begin it this coming October and I was able to “bank” my assessment score of 88 from the assignment I have completed, as it’s quite a good score and also that takes the pressure off in that October too! So I can concentrate on my German. That feels better! I am literally about 3 weeks behind on that too, but there’s a chance I can catch up.

This is a lovely Victoria sponge cake made by my BSF group member Heather, how sweet of her! Also it’s delicious.

I went to Brockholes nature reserve with Emilia .  

It’s  a gorgeous sunny day, these pics do it no justice. 

Sam mostly cried though.

Thursday. Fred  went to the Prince’s Trust, to make bolognese for the homeless. Ruby and I went to town, did some shopping , went to Smiggle, an expensive colourful kids stationery shop which has finally arrived in Liverpool ! And met Lola in Tortilla for lunch . Came  home , had no key, went to Emilia’s and saw Emma and baby Joel whos about 3 weeks older than Sam . Adorable !

Lee had lunch with a lad he used to work with who has been relocated by K&N, and got some encouraging info.

Then I  made a big coleslaw and went to choir practice . Really fun and not as hard work this week as the 2 main altos were back! Also a couple came with a cute little girl, the mum turns out to be Jojo’s maths teacher ! We did another new dong which has an excellent key change in the last line, I am really looking forward to hearing it all with the band. 


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