Tuesday, carvery & BSF 

Got me flu jab and decided to walk to the carvery with my two girls. These shops are now up n running in The Crescent. 

You can catchthe end of what they’ve replaced below. 

Originally a lovely round-edged 30’s design building, but been in ruins for a long time. 

Had a big plate of veggies in cranberry gravy, mmmm! Then went to bed for a bit until BSF. Fred went  to St John’s ambulance cadets. at BSF I  was asked to go into the kids class as tonight’s volunteer couldn’t make it. I  did  because it’s always fun. the 2 youngest boys were really bouncy tonight! I was assigned to help them be quiet! 

Also Heather, a group member, gave me a box of home baked Something which smelled fab! and I’ve left it in Deb’s car! I shall get it later. 


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