A crazy half hour.

What an emotional rollercoaster! We were playing “heads up”, and got a bit hysterical. Fred knew the theme tune to Seinfeld (why?! how?!) but didn’t think Yiddish was a real word. who’s educating that kid? I was crying with laughter and then I started to not be able to breathe. jojo came in with my cuppa, spilled it  on my leg and burned me so I started crying for real, then Lee comes on and says the white finch has died! what a palaver. poor  birds, they have been rather subdued for a few days, it really is quite cold in the dining room. I’ve had the electric fire on all day but I’m afraid it may be the end of them. i just went and had a look and the finch is dramatically stiff on it’s back with feet in the air. quite a cliché . RIP. 

Lee has put the birds in the front room (cue constant interest from cats) but I’m afraid the canary has been looking a bit peaky for a week or so….


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