Sunday fun.

I had a lovely Sunday, as usual.

In the morning we had 2 short talks, one about anxiety and one about depression and medication as they are such a big part of life. It  was very good. After the service G played pool, he is much more one of the gang these days, and I saw L speaking to a v shy latvian kid who used to be in parklands. Cool!  then Lee collected them and dropped Ruby so she and I could go to the farm cafe for lunch with Cathy. We had such a laugh! we were there a good 3 hours and barely had time to eat as we were telling such silly stories! 

Then live at 5, the prayer meeting, and to Emilia’s for tea, she translated a flyer for next week’s concert into polish for me – we have an excellent music group from a church in Krakow recording a live album in our church next sunday 7-10pm!  so I  wanted to advertise it to Merseyside Polonia. 

Had our tea and Lola and I took this kid for a half hours walk at 10.30pm! It was 0.5 degrees out. Lola wore him. He’s just about 8 weeks old and making little happy noises and copying smiles! 


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