A grey Monday (except for my fabulous tablecloth!)

This morning Ruby made some bread rolls from an Aldi packet. I  made carrot soup and a chicken stew in the slow cooker. 

Jojo was unwell, but as it’s  the 3rd unwell Monday morning in 3 months, I let him sleep til 11.30 and then he went to school after lunch. It’s very cold and wet and grey here. 

I have emailed my OU tutors to suggest deferring one of my 2 modules as I have bitten off way more than I can chew! One has got back to me and is very understanding, I am going to have a joint phone convo with them both asap.

Also. I  got 88/100 for languages and cultures and  78 for german on the 1st tutor-marked assignments. which is quite good. 

I have a sore throat. Everything is so cold and dark grey! so I  had a bit of colour therapy on minecraft using the gorgeous colourful “pattern” texture pack (pictured top left in the pic below). and then went to sleep for a bit at 5pm, smug in the knowledge that the chicken stew would be ready to serve when freezing family members arrived. 


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