Crosby beach & Bibi’s . 

Saturday we dropped Fred at Crosby Plaza 9am to watch “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” with the regional St John’s ambulance . 

Lee and I had a naff brekkers in Crosby’s old town centre that i had thought a bit posh but i was much mistaken – it’s half boarded up, just like every other old shopping centre in Britain ! Then took  to the beach in wind and rain. 

I think my photography skills are slowly improving. i haven’t bothered cropping any of  these though . 

It was absolutely freezing !

Then went in a disappointing ol’ lady style wool shop, and also I saw this turquoise deer thang in a window! 


After a nap the boys and I went to Russ and Bibi’s for pancake party/their son’s 14th birthday . Lots from church were there. It was quite full so Bibi told the teens to get in the conservatory . It was lovely to see  both of my sons smiling, joining in a card game, looking relaxed in a big group of teens. It was very nice.


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